AIA Vitality & Hurford Parker

If you have been watching the Rugby World Cup 2019 you are likely to have seen the advertising for AIA Vitality and may be wondering what is it? and how do I get involved?

AIA Vitality is a science backed Health & Wellness programme which has been brought to New Zealand by the Life & Health insurance company AIA New Zeland Ltd. AIA Vitality is an app based platform that allows you to track your health, build up status points and earn rewards in the process. The objective is to help New Zealanders improve their health and reduce their probability of suffering from lifestyle based illness such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer.

The idea behind AIA Vitality is simple, it revolves around three core principles:

Know your health: By completing a series of simple in-app questionnaires about your current health, exercise and wellbeing you will identify areas for improvement via a simple traffic light system i.e. less time sitting, more sleep, less processed meat etc. At the end of the assessment it will give you a Vitality age based on the answers to your questions.

Improve your health: By completing regular activity you will earn status points which in turn will earn you rewards. The exercise doesn’t have to be anything extreme, just 7,500 steps a day or 30 minutes of exercise will earn you points. The app will give you a weekly target to acheive, once you hit this you earn rewards.

Rewards for heath: Earn rewards for meeting your targets and increasing your status points. Each week you can earn 5 Airpoints dollars, $5 New World , Harvey Norman or i-Tunes vouchers, or you can donate $5 to charity. This quickly adds up and becomes a great incentive for pushing on and completing your activity target. Each time you progress up a status point tier you get a lump sum of Airpoints, 50 from bronze to silver, 100 from silver to gold, and another 100 from gold to platinum. In addition by being a member you qualify for a range of other great discounts such as discount on Fitbit, Garmin, Jaggad clothing, nutrition assessments, Forme Health Spa and many more.

Another significant benefit is that by participating in AIA Vitality you will instantly recieve a 10% discount on your qualifying AIA insurance premiums! If you achieve Platinum status you could even increase the discount to 20%! This discount is to acknowledge that you are actively taking steps to improve your health and lower your risk of illness.

Who is Eligible for AIA Vitality? Everyone over the age of 16. To take part you must either be an existing AIA (or former Sovereign) client, or become an AIA client. If you join before November 2019 the first year is free, after that its just $11.50 a month per person, but the value of discounts and rewards will quickly offset the cost and save you $$$.


The combination of health benefits, rewards and premium discount makes AIA Vitality a real game-changer for the New Zealand Life & Health insurance market and one that Hurford Parker is proud to be involved in.


For more information contact Personal & Business Risk Advisor Andrew Davies on 06 876 0513 or